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Flores is a private company founded in 1985 on the tradition of a family enterprise founded in 1803, which used to process fruit and produce liquor; wine, as well as other products, until 1952 when it was nationalized. Flores is the first private firm in Yugoslavia, formed as soon as such legal opportunities were created to allow it, and continued the same production program of the previously nationalized company.

flores_companyThe founder of Flores is Radisa Pijakic, B.Sc. engineer of agronomy. First quantities of brandy - 25000 liters flowed from the same family cellar from which the ownership rights of the family had long been expropriated.

Since 1998, the firm has been registered as a shareholding company with limited responsibility, the owners being Radisa Pijakic, founder with a share of 60% and his son Miomir, B.Sc.engineer of food technology with 40% share.

All the equipment installed in Divostin factory is the latest technical and technology break-through made in the world, while the hygienic conditions are according to highest world standards. Flores owns a special authorized laboratory for quality control.

Flores, the Company that specially marked XX century.  

Flores has a modern factory for processing, packing and quality control in Divostin, 6km from Kragujevac, and facility for maturing the liquor in oak casing, in Kamenica village near Kragujevac.

The new product of the company was released under the name "Zuta Osa" -Yellow Wasp, a natural plum brandy with 45% alcohol, packed in original, brown glass bottles of 0.75 liters. In all leading exhibitions and fairs throughout the world, it won 13 gold medals. To the choosy international market, besides "Zuta Osa", they offered "Bela Osa", a natural plum brandy of 40% alcohol, natural brandy "Zuta Lincura"- a herbal drink with 45% alcohol. In addition, the market is supplied with high quality grape brandy - "Srpska Loza" with 45% alcohol and a successfully placed brandy "Drozd" of 38%.

In November 1999, Flores received a world Oscar from the Institute for European Promotions and Eureka, Brussels, as a company that specially marked the 20th century.

The brandy "Zuta Osa" - "Yellow Wasp" the most famous product of the private firm "Flores" from Kragujevac, won the Grand Prix for quality on the International exhibition "Archimed 2000" in Moscow, where 1540 products were represented.
On May 30, 2003 Mr Radisa Pljakic was awarded by Institut Communautaire Europeen pour la Promotion des Enterprises Commerciales from Brussels and recieved Merit De L'Invention.

Beside the mentioned products, the company produces natural extracts and concentrates of medical and aromatic herbs, using them for its own production. Therefore, based on this program, it is offering eight honey-based products with additives of medical herbs.

The greatest exports are those to USA, then to Australia, Sweden, Germany. Flores products, with Zuta Osa as a leading product have protected patent rights in the whole world, and certificates for quality issued in the USA and other leading industrial countries.

General attributes of Flores alcoholic beverages:

- Health Accuracy
- High Quality
- Constant Quality
- High Technological Processing
- Permanent Control
- Caramels Free
- Synthetic Colors Free
- Sugar Free
- Synthetic Flavors Free
- Synthetic Aromatics Free
- Very Low Level of Acid
- Low Level of Ethylcarbamate

Produced, Distillated, Controled, Bottled and Packed by FLORES!

radisa_pljakic     miomir_pljakic

Mr. Radisa Pljakic

B.Sc. engineer of agronomy
JINA Academician




Mr. Miomir R. Pijakic

B.Sc. engineer of food



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The leading product of the company was released under the name "Zuta Osa" -Yellow Wasp, a natural plum brandy with 45% alcohol,...

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