Laboratory - Quality Control

Laboratory testing, researches and hundreds and hundreds of tries and researches date many years before the firm started working in 1985.

altAll that was conducting in Pljakic's family house with lot of work and very common conditions. It was crutial thing for quality of our products from the very beginning of production.

As production started growing and new markets were expanding, demands for new researches increase as well as demands for quality control of our products on the daily basis.

In the other words growth of production was followed by development of laboratory.
Quality is the most important for us so our quality laboratory is equipped with modern digital instruments.
Today Flores laboratory presents one of the best equipped and highest ranked laboratories for research and control of quality of alcoholic beverages, vines, and other food products in the country.

Laboratory Flores is officially authorized by Department of Republic of Serbia for determination of quality of alcoholic beverages and wines.

We continuously fulfill all demands of western countries in the filed of health accuracy of products as well as new methods and techniques for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Today in Flores laboratory we perform all conventional methods and techniques as well as modern ones. Laboratory techniques and methods are the same as ones in USA and EU.

Some of them are: volumetry, gravymetry, densytometry, refractometry, chromatography, colorymetry, spectrofotometry, gas chromatography, HPLC…

Flores, the Company that specially marked XX century.

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