Flores has a modern factory for processing, packing and quality control in Divostin, 6km from Kragujevac, and facility for maturing the liquor in oak casing, in Kamenica village near Kragujevac.

flores technologyAll the equipment installed in Divostin factory is the latest technical and technology break-through made in the world, while the hygienic conditions are according to highest world standards. Flores owns a special authorized laboratory for quality control. Drinks are manufactured from plum growing organized with 1256 individual producers, in 1520 hectares total area of plum orchards.
Our products are prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son in "master distiller" families of Southeastern Europe over hundreds of years.

Plum brandy is a potent, clear liquor, best enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, or accompanied by light, salty snacks. It also mixes well with ginger-ale and orange juice, fitting well into the growing popularity of mixed drinks in social occasions.

Traditionally, it is served straight-up in long-neck miniature carafes that enhances and preserves the aroma of Yellow Wasp after the drink is poured.
The carafes also lend a certain visual and tactile distinctiveness to the drinking experience, while offering an opportunity for on-premise differentiation.
Flores products, with Zuta Osa as a leading product have protected patent rights in the whole world, and certificates for quality issued in the USA and other leading industrial countries.


The Yellow Wasp


The leading product of the company was released under the name "Zuta Osa" -Yellow Wasp, a natural plum brandy with 45% alcohol,...

The White Wasp


WhiteWasp is a premium brand of plum brandy, prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son...

Serbian Grape Brandy


"Serbian Grape Brandy" is the original drink produced from the usual grape vine and vineyards on the territory of Serbia...

The Yellow Gentian Brandy


"The Yellow Gentian - Brandy" is a natural fruit brandy which is produced from plum brandy and flowers of many medicinal herbs,...